Ben Hall began his professional interpreting career over 40 years ago as a freelance interpreter in Central Ohio. He has worked as an adjunct instructor in the Interpreting Education Program at Columbus State Community College and served as a Commissioner for the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Educators (CCIE), which is the only accreditation body for sign language interpreter programs. He has also worked as the national Director for Interpreter Relations at CSD (Communication Services for the Deaf), the largest deaf organization in the world.


Ben served on the national Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Board of Directors for 13 years in varying capacities, including President of RID. Some of his professional contributions include: overseeing development of the NAD-RID National Interpreter Certification (NIC) and the Code of Professional Standards; collaborating with then NAD President Libby Pollard to co-author the State NAD–RID Collaboration Plan designed to foster networking between NAD and RID at the state and local levels.


Ben is a Master Legal Trainer by the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers (NCIEC). He is a former mentor/trainer with the MARIE/DOIT Center at the University of Northern Colorado. He is presently involved with the Train-the-Trainer program with Project CLIMB: Cultivating Legal Interpreters from Minority Backgrounds which serves to increase the number of interpreters of color and heritage signing backgrounds by creating career paths for specialization in legal interpreting for practitioners from these underrepresented communities.

Terri Tivis is originally from Illinois where she received a BA in Deaf Studies: Teacher Education at Mac Murray College and later went on to Gallaudet University to earn an MA in Family Centered Early Education.


Ms. Tivis was an Early Intervention Specialist for two years then taught for nine years as a Parent Infant Teacher at Texas School. Ms. Tivis interpreted full time in VRS for six years. Ms. Tivis has been interpreting freelance for 20+ years.


Her experiences range from technology, education, (early education and post-secondary), religious, and medical. Ms. Tivis is a mother of two and resides in Buda, TX. She is currently a freelance interpreter, a workshop presenter, and developer of a website called


Isabell Florence graduated from Western Michigan University Summa Cum Laude with a combined Master’s degree in Blind Rehabilitation Teaching and Speech Pathology/Audiology, and undergraduate degrees in social work and psychology. Ms. Florence was born DeafBlind.


Since graduating, Ms. Florence has worked extensively with DeafBlind and multiple-handicapped Blind children and adults in various capacities

as rehabilitation teacher, habilitation teacher, and consultant. Ms. Florence also teaches at Mott Community College as a sign language instructor and interpreter trainer. She developed curriculum for teaching interpreters how to work with DeafBlind consumers. Ms. Florence teaches a DeafBlind Interpreting course that includes the ProTactile philosophy.


Ms. Florence was on the NTFDBI committee, was a member of AADB for many years and is now a trainer for the NDBEDP/ICC program for the state of Michigan. Ms. Florence has done workshops on PT and Haptics since becoming certified in 2013. Ms. Florence is a single parent of one daughter who is also a teacher.

Kara Dougherty has been a BEI 1, DB-Endorsed Interpreter since 2014. Since starting her career, she has focused on becoming an increasingly better ally to the communities she works with. Discovering Haptics and ProTactile in 2014, Kara has since spent her time trying to figure out how to make even the craziest activities accessible. She is still trying to convince Isabell Florence to go mountaineering with her.

Linda Ross has been involved in the field of interpreting in numerous capacities for more than 20 years. Some of her contributions include: serving as a member of the Board of Editors for the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Journal of Interpretation; Content Expert in the development of the RID-NAD National Interpreter Certification (NIC); First Vice President of the Ohio Chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (OCRID).


Linda holds a PhD in cultural anthropology, specializing in American Deaf culture, culture transmission and learning, sociolinguistics, and anthropology and education. Her research into the transmission and learning of Deaf culture has given her the privilege of experiencing residential school life first hand while living in the dorm.


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