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Andi Chumley - Nominee for President
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My name is Andi Chumley, and I am excited for the opportunity to run for president of MIRID.  I have served on the board since 2012. I can't believe how much we have grown as an organization in the past five years!  I look forward to serving as your president and continuing this forward momentum. 

When considering my decision to run for president, I thought about where MIRID should go from here. My first thought is that we need to be more connected with our members to understand what you need from us. I hope to do this through vlogs, social media, and in-person events. 

This is an exciting, and sometimes tumultuous, time in our profession. First and foremost, I hope that MIRID can be seen as a resource in our community. I look forward to hearing from you, the membership, as to how MIRID can better serve, as well as how you would like to be involved to help shape our future. 

Thank you,


Mitch Holaly - Nominee for Vice President
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My name is Mitch Holaly and I am running to become Vice President of MIRID (2017-2019). I have been a member of the MIRID Board since 2014 and the current Secretary.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Relations from Michigan State University as well as being a graduate of Lansing Community College’s Interpreter Training Program. I am certified Michigan BEI 3 and RID NIC and work as a community interpreter in the Flint area.

I would like to continue my service on the MIRID Board to carry on the progress we have been making. Particularly, I have interest in:  (1) addressing statewide issues interpreters face, (2) modernizing MIRID Bylaws and procedures – e.g. online voting, (3) providing enhanced membership benefits – e.g. free CEU opportunities and events, and (4) better leveraging resources in our region and from national RID.

I hope to be able to serve as your next Vice President. Thank you for your engagement in MIRID.  



Cindy Wood - Nominee for Treasurer
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My name is Cindy Wood and I am very excited to be in the running for MIRID treasurer. I joined the board last April because there was a vacancy and am so glad I did. The Michigan chapter or RID has experienced considerable growth in the past year, we have almost 300 members, which means this board has a lot of work to do to support all of you. As Treasurer there is a great responsibility to allocate, and spend your dues effectively.  The only way I (and this board) can do that is with your participation. 

If I am elected to be your Treasurer again there are a couple things I would like to see happen.  First, I would like to award some scholarships.  We have several great scholarships available to our members and the money is being left in the bank account.  Second, I would like to know how YOU the membership, would like to spend your dues.  That will require open communication and collaboration.  Finally, I would like to find a way to use our funds to build a bridge between our students and our professional community.  

I hope you will support my goals and allow me to continue serving as your MIRID Treasurer.  

Thank you!

Danielle E. Ward - Nominee for Secretary
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Dear MIRID members,

I am Danielle E. Ward, candidate for MIRID secretary. As an interpreter and mentor over many years, I am in full support of MIRID’s goals to improve interpreter skills, promote professionalism and increase public awareness. I like the direction MIRID is headed.

When joining an organization, I believe in contributing in a way that best maximizes my abilities. My experience as an editor, author, as well as secretary/recorder for other entities has prepared me for the role of MIRID secretary. I am a stickler for details, extremely organized and very communicative, both verbally and in writing, in a timely manner. My level of commitment is always 100% or more. While I am quite capable of performing my duties independently, I recognize MIRID’s success is largely due to member support and having a cohesive board. I look forward to opportunities to become more familiar with our members and to collaborate with the other board members to take MIRID to an even higher level.

My experience, work ethic, professionalism and “team player” attitude all make me an excellent fit for MIRID secretary. When you vote for me, you can rest assured that you have selected someone who will represent you well.


Danielle E. Ward

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MIRID, established in 1970, is a state chapter of the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), founded in 1964. MIRID assists interpreters in improving their skills, promotes professionalism in the interpreting field, and helps increase public awareness. 

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